About Handmade Winchester

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Handmade Winchester was born out of a passion for all things handmade and unique and giving makers the chance to reach a wider and more discerning audience. There were also events that ran for a short period of time in Oxford and Cambridge, which worked under the same Handmade umbrella.

We ran our first event in July 2009 and ran for 4 years before we took a break.

We loved running the event, but it was also extremely hard to organise while working full-time and raising two boys, so we took a break and now we are back!

The event is taking place as before in Guildhall Winchester, and is on Sunday 25th November 2018 between 11am and 5pm.

As designer makers we know and understand both what sellers and customers want and expect. So stallholders can be assured that we curate the event carefully and customers will not be charged for entrance into the event, unlike most events held in the Guildhall.

If you have any questions regarding applying for the event, please email applications@handmadewinchester.co.uk or for anything else, please use info@handmadewinchester.co.uk